Girton College Boat Club is looking for new rowers and coxes!

Absolutely no experience required!

What’s it like?

Rowing is a great team sport: fun, but also really rewarding. It’s really satisfying to see your hard work paying off as you get a little bit better every time you practice, especially during your first term, when you’ll come along leaps and bounds.

Besides, rowing is a quintessential Cambridge sport; pretty much everyone has a go at some point during their time here. We run short taster sessions at the beginning of term. Give it a go, and see if it’s for you!

You really want someone like me?


You don’t need to be a 6ft fitness god to become a rower, or a 4ft midget to become a cox!

No experience (at all!) is required; in fact most of the club had never been anywhere near a boat until they joined GCBC.

Do I have to get up early?

Crews fit their training sessions around their own availabilities. While some crews prefer getting up early in the morning, others train exclusively in the afternoons and at weekends.

…and in the evenings?

No society would be complete without socials. You’ll get to know the lovely people in your own boat club, as well as plenty of strapping young men and women from other colleges. Throughout term we do:

  • Swaps with other crews: either at formal hall, or a curry house
  • GCBC Curries: our boat club’s start of term tradition
  • Pub Crawls: self explanatory
  • Crew Meals: load up on carbs the evening before a race by sharing an enormous meal (usually pasta) with your crew mates
  • May Bumps Marquee: Every year on the Saturday of May Bumps we host the GCBC May Bumps Marquee. Serving food and drink to race spectators all afternoon, the Marquee is always a popular race day destination.


If you’re interested in rowing with GCBC please contact our Lower Boat Captains if you’re new to rowing or if you’ve rowed before our Men’s and Women’s Senior Captains.