Infidel Boat Club

Infidel Boat Club

The Infidel Boat Club (TIBC) was founded in 2001 to provide a network for alumni whose fondest Girton memories involve blades, bumps and boat club dinners.

We provide an effective GCBC-rehab programme, helping individuals (bow or stroke side and even coxes – all are welcome) to adjust to life beyond Cambridge rowing. Going cold turkey is not recommended, so we begin by reducing land training sessions to none a year, replacing water sessions with sessions at watering holes, and keeping racing short, infrequent and agricultural (although we always look good in our stash). Our varied calendar includes social and rowing events in Cambridge, London and further afield, so get in touch for more information. GCBC alumni are also active at rowing clubs across the country, so to find out if there’s an Infidel rowing near you – or to tell us where you row – click here.

Another key aim of TIBC is to support College rowing financially. To be a full member, there is a subscription fee of £25 per year. This is set at a level to cover the running costs of the Club, with any excess donated to the GCBC Millennium Fund, an endowment fund which provides equipment and boats for College.

Obviously, the money that TIBC members donate is a critical and vital way in which alumni can and do support College rowing. However, over the years, many alumni have also enthusiastically contributed time and effort – sometimes even a bit of expertise – through coaching and bank partying crews. This active involvement is greatly welcomed by GCBC and has led to new friendships and stronger ties between the Clubs.

So, if you are a graduate – or soon to be – email for information and to get added to our mailing list. You can also join our group on Facebook, where there are photos, race reports and more information on upcoming events. So get involved – your alumni boat club needs you!!!